Lowongan Kerja Hyundai Motor ASEAN Headquarters

1. CKD Project Manager

Responsibilities :

  • Promoting New Production Base Project
  • Establishing a prod. based in each country in the ASEAN region, taking into account national industry protection and non-tariff barriers
  • Utilize Thailand’s EV support policy to enter the Thai premium EV market Commercialize NE CKD contract manufacturing base
  • Expanding sales in Malaysia by revitaizing the CKD assembly biz. in Malaysia and promoting exports to Thailand and other regions
  • Optimizing the operasion of local prodcution plants (including CKD plants)
  • Stable operation of ASEAN production plants
  • Improve utilization rate of plant by securing overseas export volumes and additional CKD vehicles
  • Reducing manufacturing costs and improving profitability by securing volumes through exchanges of vehicle models and parts
  • Regional EV SCM Establishment and Localization Strategy
  • Establishing a battery value chain by utilizing the EV value chain and considering localization requirements by country
  • Supporting curent issues of PE factories (cell/pack) in the region and establishing operational strategies

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree majoring in Business Admin/Engineering from a reputable university
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in CKD related work/production/purchasing/production preferred. also have an experience in TFT participation related to new facilities
  • Experience in implementing production/sales related project, ability to analyze polisicies and markets in ASEAN countries, etc
  • Proficiency in English, both speaking (fluent) and writing

2. Long Term Business Strategy Assistant Manager

Responsibilities :

  • Mid to Long Term Business Plan
  • Establish ASEAN mid-to long-term business plan aligned with HMC strategic direction
  • Establish country-specific sales strategies considering each country’s market/sales situation
  • Product and sales optimization strategy
  • Review mid to long-term production operation plans for HMMI and HTMV plants considering sales expansion and efficient investment
  • Establishment of ASEAN production/sales optimization strategy, including exchange and sales of vehicle models produced by country

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree Majoring in Business Admin/Management from a reputable university
  • Minimum 8 years of experience in automotive industry, specifically on business strategy or product strategy area
  • Broad knowledge on automotive market characteristic in ASEAN or Asia Pacific
  • Proficiency in English, both speaking (fluent) and writing
  • Good anlyzing skill, communication and a team player

3. Offline Retail Channel Assistant Manager

Responsibilities :

  • Designing, organizing, implementing policies and projects in Hyundai subsidiaries and distributors across Southeast Asian and East Asian countries as per HMC guidance regarding offline channel
  • Communicate & coordinating with HQ; business partners (Hyundai subsidiaries & distributors in Southeast Asia & East Asia region); internal affiliates in Indonesia (HMID & HMI) & external parties (3rd-party agency) on offline channels establishments and operation
  • Controlling channel strategies & policies implementation by creating and submitting monthly progress report to control performance of offline channels in the Southeast Asia & East Asia region (except Korea; Japan; P.R. China)
  • Controlling budget support related to offline channel establishments and operations (e.g. subsidi\y from HQ, etc)
  • Implementing safety whilst maintaining clealines and tidiness in the working area to avoid accident and environment-related incident due to violation of health & safety regulation

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree on any major from reputable university in Indonesia/overseas, civil engineering/architecture background is a plus point
  • Minimum 8 years experiecne in the field of offline chennel/dealer network development within automotive industry or related-industries (e.g heavy machinery; retail), preferably with regional exposure
  • English language (professional level); General understanding in automobile industry; Indepth understading in offline channel management (e.g. dealership design & layout; facility management; building material; etc), and Active-persuasive communication skills
  • Having a training or certification in project management; civil engineering/material engineering/architecture-related

Tata Cara Melamar:

Bagi kalian yang berminat dan sesuai dengan kualifikasi diatas silahkan kirim lamaran lengkap ke email :

[email protected]

Subjek : Posisi – Nama

  • Batas akhir pendaftaran 28 Februari 2024
  • Hati-hati terhadap segala bentuk jenis penipuan, karena lowongan ini gratis tidak ada biaya dalam bentuk apapun

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